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Upcoming revenge film “Relentless Justice” to have strong female lead, great supporting cast

Ted Prior in the original “Deadly Prey” (1987)

So, it looks like the same people that brought us a low-budget horror flick “Night Claws”, will soon start working on another project, this time a revenge thriller, entitled “Relentless Justice”, as upcoming film’s producer Fabio Soldani told BZFilm.

The film will be directed by David A. Prior, a veteran of low-budget action movies (the same David Prior who brought us the infamous Deadly Prey, and Night Claws as well).

According to Soldani, after the crew is done with “Relentless Justice”, which by the way starts shooting this Sunday (March 25th), he and David Prior will begin pre-production on “Deadly Prey 2”. This would be third straight project from Prior-Soldani collaboration.

As for the actors, Soldani says “Relentless Justice” packs a rather powerful punch in this department: Leilani Sarelle, Vernon Wells, David Campbell, Ted Prior, Lisa Langlois, Mimi Michaels, Eric Roberts, Marco St. John, Sonia Curtis, Sherrie Rose and Mark Rolston.

Kathy Long (five time world kickboxing champion and mixed martial arts fighter) will be in charge of stunt coordination and fight choreography. And as for the story of the film, this is what Soldani has revealed for “Relentless Justice”:

“Victoria De Vries – former Australian SAS commando and killer for hire for both Australian and American Government retires to live peaceful life in the U.S. and take care about her only child – teenage girl named Sherrie after her (Victoria’s) husband dies of cancer.

When Sherrie goes camping in the woods with her boyfriend and disappears, It’s up to Victoria to find her. She arrives in a small town ‘Forest Green’ and faces wall of silence. It turns out that local people hide something and soon enough Victoria’s life will be put in danger. But when someone will hurt the only person you have in the world, your own child, there will be no other justice than…relentless justice.”

So, let’s sum things up here:

– We will have a female lead, a strong one, who knows how to handle men, guns and tough situations.
– We have Eric Roberts, Mark Rolston, Vernon Wells and Ted Prior…something tells me they will all play bad guys.
– There will be plenty of shooting, and some cool fights as well. I’ll leave it to Kathy Long.
– I have positive feelings about this. David Prior knows how to shoot action movies, so I am looking forward to this.

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