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Vernon Wells, Lorenzo Lamas, Richard Hatch to roam wastelands in “After the Harvest”

after-the-harvest-1An interesting project has arisen out of nowhere. Not only it packs a bunch of familiar b-movie stars like Vernon Wells (Commando), Lorenzo Lamas (Bounty Tracker) and Richard Hatch (Battlestar Gallactica, Leathernecks), but has a tasty title “After the Harvest”.

Other actors in the project include: Marina Sirtis, (Star Trek Next Generation), as well as Spice Williams-Crosby (Star Trek V), along with Kurt Yaeger, (Sons of Anarchy).

The story of the film is described as: “In a post apocalyptic world left after Aliens have harvested much of the human race, the remaining survivors of “the harvest” do what they must in order to survive.  How their paths cross, and the choices they make when they do will ultimately determine if they survive or not…”

The film says to be a “a graphic novel-esque post apocalyptic action thriller, being “Road Warrior” meets “Terminator” meets “Crash”. Sounds cool so far, and here are some tasty pics for you:

BZFilm contacted director-writer, Eddie Conna, who has previously worked with Vernon Wells and Richard Hatch on “Alien Hunger”, and asked him about the new project.

Conna said that the reguired budget for “After the Harvest” is $1.62 million, however the minimum budget for a crowd funding will be around $550,000.

“At $550K, we can make the film. At that budget, basically the actors and entire crew would be working for minimum wage, and they’d all be sharing in the points of the film,” Conna told BZFilm.

He also noted that Vernon Wells, aside from acting, is co-producing the film, and Joseph D’Onofrio is helping to produce and will be the film’s casting director as well.

Conna also said there are martial arts in the film – maybe Lorenzo Lamas still does have something left in him since the “Bounty Tracker” days!

Speaking about the shooting locations, Conna noted that the likely places for shooting are Likely places are, Los Angeles, Michigan, Atlanta.

“Amount raised and other factors such as who has the best incentives will determine where it’s shot. The more we are able to successfully raise, the more options for film locations we will have. Ultimately, the budget will determine the locations,” he said.

Regarding the distribution of “After the Harvest”, Conna said the crew plans to do a “hybrid distribution” of the film.

“Due to the rapid changes in the distribution world, as well as a desire to avoid being ripped off by a distributor, which happens far too often with independent films, we plan to do what is known as “hybrid” distribution,” he noted.

“Some markets, we will self distribute, as that is the best way for us to see a return on the investment. Others we will license the film to a distributor.”

Well, hopefully the film will get made, and the crowd-funding can once again prove itself as the new way of financing non-studio films.

Until then, feel free to check out the film’s official webpage, and “After the Harvest” Facebook page as well.

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