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What is it like to work with Joe Bob Briggs? (exclusive)

ghosts-of-johnson-woodsIndependent film maker Glenn Berggoetz has recently wrapped up shooting his latest film – a psychological thriller titled “The Ghosts of Johnson Woods”, which stars cult TV personality, Joe Bob Briggs.

As Berggoetz told BZFilm, the principal photography for the film was completed in late June in Denver, Colorado. He also shared what was it like working with Joe Bob Briggs.

“He’s a super nice guy. Very professional, was always on time, knew all his lines, took direction well, was exceedingly polite,” Berggoetz told BZFilm. “He was an absolute treat to work with.”

“On top of that, over the course of his time on set, I noticed Joe Bob taking the time to speak with nearly every cast and crew member on an individual basis, which was very cool of him to do,” Berggoetz admitted.

While Briggs, who has appeared in some big budget movies like Martin Scorsese’s “Casino,” and “Face/Off” with John Travolta and Nicolas Cage, he’s not known as a film actor. Despite this, he agreed to do “The Ghosts of Johnson Woods”, and Berggoetz revealed how he managed to get Briggs for the project.

“The way I was able to first approach Joe Bob about being in the film was through one of our previous films, “Midget Zombie Takeover,” that Joe Bob likes,” Berggoetz said. “When I realized I would have more money to work with on “The Ghosts of Johnson Woods” than I had on my previous films, I knew I wanted to spend that money on getting someone with a name and a following in the film.”

Berggoetz mentioned that Joe Bob Briggs hosted the two long-running TV shows “Monstervision” and “Joe Bob’s Drive-In Theater” which were on the air for a combined decade and a half.

joe-bob-briggs-ghosts-of-johnsons-woods_2“Joe Bob gained so much notoriety from these shows and movies and developed such a following that he ended up appearing on “The Tonight Show”
multiple times as a guest and spent two years as a commentator on Comedy Central’s hugely popular show “The Daily Show,” Berggoetz said, adding that he instantly wanted Briggs for his new film.

“With his fantastic pedigree I sent him the script, where I offered him the role of the father to the main character. I soon heard back that Joe Bob wanted to be in the film, I made an offer for his services, he made a counter-offer, and we had a deal,” Berggoetz recalled.

Noting that Briggs has a huge, loyal following, Berggoetz noted that having him as a main cast member will certainly open up doors for the film that haven’t previously been open to his other films as well.

“If I ever get the chance to work with Joe Bob again, I wouldn’t hesitate for even a second in saying “Yes” to the opportunity,” he said.

“Even though “The Ghosts of Johnson Woods” is a psychological thriller, we had a ton of fun shooting this film,” Berggoetz added.

“The Ghosts of Johnson Woods” centers around a young woman, who gets involved with an awkward, overweight, young man. She begins manipulating him, but it is soon to be revealed that neither are who or what they say they are.

The film stars Joe Bob Briggs (“Casino”), Matt Goosherst (“Midget Zombie Takeover”), and Haidyn Harvey (“I Sell the Dead”).

“The Ghosts of Johnson Woods” is scheduled to be released sometime in 2015. The production companies Driving With Our Eyes Shut and Cold Spring Productions teamed up to shoot the film, while Cold Spring will handle the post production.

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