Online Movie theater — August 28, 2012 at 11:57 pm

WATCH ONLINE: Behind the Walls (2011, short)

A white man (Shiloh Silverman) traveling in a foreign country enters an elevator and meets a woman (Mackenzie Singh) in niqab.

The man estranged by the presence of the niqab in a closed space observes the woman with curious eyes.

The elevator stops all of a sudden and there is no sign of help. The man offers water and the woman in a niqab drinks a sip disclosing her face behind the niqab.

A few minutes later the elevator shatters again, and the woman does something the man wouldn’t think she’d ever do…

Film directed by: Jihun Ahn
Year, Genre: 2011, drama, short film
Starring: Shiloh Silverman and Mackenzie Singh



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