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WATCH ONLINE: Bloodsport 2 (1996)

Alex Cardo (Daniel Bernhardt) is a great martial artist, but a lousy thief. He gets caught while trying to steal an old sword in Eastern Asia, and soon ends up in jail.

In prison, Cardo gets beaten by the guards, but he also meets old Master Sun (James Hong), who teaches Cardo superior martial arts style of fighting – Iron Hand.

After that, Cardo has to find a way to enter the Kumite, a prestigious martial arts tournament, and also to settle an old score.

At the tournament, Cardo will not only make new friends with fellow fighters, but also get head to head with Demon (Ong Soo Han), a fighting guard, who tortured him in prison.

Film directed by: Alan Mehrez
Year, Genre: 1996, martial arts
Starring: Daniel Bernhardt, James Hong, Phillip Tan, Ong Soo Han, Donald Gibb.



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