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WATCH ONLINE: Open Fire (1995)

open fire film online for free“Open Fire” is considered by many as another “die-hard” ripoff, with a smaller budget.

Alec McNeil (Jeff Wincott) is an ex FBI Agent, who finds out that his father (Lee De Broux) has been taken hostage among others inside a nuclear plant.

The terrorists are led by relentless Kruger (Patrick Kilpatrick), who seem to have situation under control.

All is good except for one thing – no one expects McNeil to get inside the plant and start throwing terrorists left and right.

Jeff Wincott did not have enough time to make more action movies, and “Open Fire” is definitely among his best ones, so check it out.

Film directed by: Kurt Anderson
Year, Genre: 1994, action
Starring: Jeff Wincott, Patrick Kilpatrick, Mimi Craven



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