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WATCH ONLINE: Rage (1995)

Gary Daniels rage 1995A corrupt right-wing militia group chooses a California teacher Alex Gainer (Gary Daniels) as the ideal specimen to clone for its army.

Little do they know, that a school teacher driven by rage can do a lot more damage than they can afford. Especially if he’s also a martial arts expert.

Gainer desperately tries to save his own life, trashing vehicles, injuring people and running away from corrupt government agents.

Rage was made by the now vanished PM Entertainment Group, and directed by one of company’s co-founders Joseph Merhi.

Packing some truly amazing action scenes and martial arts fights, the film is one of the better “90s kickboxing action movies”, and one of the better ones that Gary Daniels ever made.

Non stop action, jaw-dropping car chases, fights – it’s all here in one package.

Film directed by: Joseph Merhi
Year, Genre: 1995, action/martial arts
Starring: Gary Daniels, Tim Colceri



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