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WATCH ONLINE: Recoil (2011)

A former cop Ryan Verett (Steve Austin) witnesses men in clown masks invade his barbeque party, and kill all his family.

He later turns vigilante and goes into a small U.S. town of Hope, to find the killers, and make them pay for what they did.

The town is being run by a ruthless, drug-dealing biker Drake (Danny Trejo) and his band of misfits, that even have local police in their pocket.

Verett gets a room in a local motel run by Darcy (Serinda Swan), and slowly one by one, takes down the whole gang, approaching closer to facing Drake himself.

Read review for the film here.
Film directed by: Terry Miles
Year, Genre: 2011, action
Starring: Steve Austin, Serinda Swan, Danny Trejo, Keith Jardine, Lochlyn Munro



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