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WATCH ONLINE: Ring of Fire (1991)

Ring of Fire 1991Julie (Maria Ford) and Johnny Woo (Don the Dragon Wilson) fall in love, and it all would have been great, if Johnny wasn’t a part of a kickboxing group that frequently clashes with another bunch of kickboxers.

Julie ends up between the groups, that have only one way of solving their problems, especially if it concerns a girl – in the ring.

A PM Entertainment production, the film features all the known martial artists of that era – Don the Dragon Wilson, Gary Daniels, Vincent Murdocco, Dale Jacoby, and Stephen Vincent Leigh.

This movie was one of a three picture deal with PM Entertainment originally intended for Loren Avedon who turned it down looking for something bigger and Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson signed on instead.

The two other movies were “Out for Blood” (1992) and “CyberTracker” (1994). Avedon later said that he regretted his decision.

Film directed by: Richard Munchkin
Year, Genre: 1991, martial arts
Starring: Don Dragon Wilson, Maria Ford, Steven Vincent Leigh, Gary Daniels



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