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WATCH ONLINE: Robowar (1988)

If you haven’t seen “RoboWar”, you really missed a lot from the era of 80′s “jungle action” flicks.

This particular Bruno Mattei Predator/Robocop rip-off features a bunch of trigger happy commandos in the jungle, led by Major Black (Reb Brown), fighting against a seemingly indestructible intergallactic warrior.

This “warrior” looks like a cheaper RoboCop version, its behavior is similar to that of Predator, however thank God, Mattei added a few elements that save “Robowar” from looking like a cheaper copy of the original “Predator”.

The film is never boring, with enough action scenes and some cool electronic music as well.

Film directed by: Bruno Mattei (as Vincent Dawn)
Year, Genre: 1988, action, sci-fi
Starring: Reb Brown, Claudio Fragasso, James Gaines, Massimo Vanni



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