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WATCH ONLINE: Serum (2011)

Rubic House LLC, a production company based in Philadelphia and NY made this interesting short syfy/noir film about a drug called Serum.

According to the story, we are in 2067. In a world filled with fraud and corruption, a shadowy government organization called “The Black Flag” secretly controls all facets of society.

Their dominance is almost complete; except for one thorn in their side – a serial killer called “The Red Scarlet”.

In a downtown police precinct, two detectives try to piece together the puzzle woven by the red scarlet and her attempt to release the serum and expose the truth.

The budget for the film was $3,000. “Serum” won the Best Sci-Fi Short Film at the Philadelphia Film Festival, it is also an official selection for the Crown Heights Film Festival in Brooklyn, NY.

Separately, the film was also screened at the Franklin Institute as part of the Philadelphia Independent Film Focus.

You can watch it for free here, right on BZFilm.

MOVIE: Serum
YEAR: 2012
LENGTH: 36 minutes
GENRE: Sci-fi, Film Noir




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