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WATCH ONLINE: Tales from the Crypt (1972)

If you like classic British horror movies, this one’s for you. “Tales From the Crypt” (1972) is one of seven horror anthology pictures released by Hammer rival Amicus over an eight-year period.

Ralph Richardson is the Crypt Keeper, who looks into the minds of a group of lost tourists and sees their gruesome stories.

In “And All Through the House,” a particularly gorgeous Joan Collins plays cat & mouse with an escaped psycho Santa.

“Reflection of Death” shows us what happens to philandering husband after he and his mistress are involved in a nasty car wreck.

Horror icon Peter Cushing, in “Poetic Justice,” plays a kindly old man victimized by his neighbors, but who manages to deliver one horrible Valentine’s Day surprise.

In “Wish You Were Here,” a variation of the old “Monkey’s Paw” tale, a widow learns that it really is imperative to be careful for what you wish.

And in “Blind Alleys,” Patrick Magee and the other sightless residents of an old-man’s home take a particularly grisly vengeance on their new martinet superintendent.

MOVIE TITLE: Tales from the Crypt
YEAR: 1972
GENRE: Horror, 92 minutes
STARRING: Joan Collins, Peter Cushing, Ralph Richardson
DIRECTED BY: Freddie Francis



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