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WATCH ONLINE: The Borrower (1991)

the borrower 1991 onlineAn alien killer (Robert Dryer) is about to serve his sentence, which is to stay on Earth, among humans.

He’s given a body of a male, which he has to take care of, since in case of body’s damage, he will die.

It of course doesn’t take long before the violent alien starts killing people, and eventually the body it has been given is damaged.

It quickly finds a way out by moving itself into other human bodies. Since it is walking around the city leaving a trail of bodies behind, soon the alien finds local cops on its tail, who seem to have no idea what they’re up against.

Far from being a serious movie, “The Borrower” made for only $2 million, has quickly became cult for being cheesy and extremely entertaining.

The copyright date at the end of the movie is 1989, so the film probably sat on the shelf for two years before getting released in 1991.

Film directed by: John McNaughton
Year, Genre: 1991, horror/ sci-fi
Starring: Rae Dawn Chong, Tom Towles, Robert Dryer



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