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WATCH ONLINE: Three Bullets (2009)

Imagine you’re an undercover cop or something like that, and you have about ten minutes to burst into a room full of mafiosos and get an important evidence.

All you got is a black suit on, and two guns…with three bullets.

Unless you’re a Superman or Michael Jai White, you don’t stand a chance. Since this little film is not about Superman…

Michael Jai White shows exactly how he will overpower eight thugs (including their boss) with only three bullets, to get that important evidence.

Good question would be – if he had full clip…how many more would he be able to neutralize?

Watch, enjoy, and don’t try this yourself.

MOVIE: Three Bullets
YEAR: 2009
GENRE: Action,9 minutes
STARRING: Michael Jai White, James Lew, Ron Yuan, Yokeem Woodbine
WRITTEN BY: Ron Yuan and Michael Jai White



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