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WATCH ONLINE: To Be the Best (1993)

to be the best 1993 filmFighter Eric Kulhane (Michael Worth) along with his ex-World Kickboxing Champion brother and father/trainer Rick Kulhane (Martin Kove) goes to Las Vegas to take part in the World Kickboxing Championship and take on the fearsome Thai team, led by the brutal Hong Do (Steven Vincent Leigh).

Eric however is unable to fully concentrate on the championship, as his fiancee (Britney Powell) is tired of his inability to stay out of fights.

Eric soon finds himself in a lot more trouble than fighting inside the right: he’s got his family members to deal with, a double-crossing teammate, and a millionaire named Jack Rodgers, who offers Eric $100,000 to lose a fight.

When Eric refuses to take the money for the loss, Rodgers kidnaps his fiancee, and things start to really go out of control.

Film directed by: Joseph Merhi
Year, Genre: 1993, martial arts
Starring: Michael Worth, Martin Kove, Steven Vincent Leigh, Ron Yuan, Art Camacho



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