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WATCH ONLINE: Turkish Bruce Lee aka Starving Eagles (1984)

turkish bruce lee film watch onlineIf you know a thing or two about the infamous (now, supposedly dead) subgenre of “Brucexpoloitation”, then meet the Bruce Lee clone you hardly heard of – a Turkish Bruce Lee clone!

Here you can read all about the actor who was dubbed the Turkish Bruce Lee, and this below is a free watch of the film itself – originally titled “Ac Kartallar” aka the “Starving Eagles”.

Written and directed by Cetin Inanc (who also made Turkish Rambo and Turkish Rocky movies), the film was released in 1984.

The story follows three martial arts students (one of which is our Bruce Lee clone) who avenge the death of their master, fighting every kind of thug you can imagine throughout the whole film.

This is supposedly the only film where Nihat Yigit (Lee clone) looks like Bruce Lee, so this fact somewhat makes “Starving Eagles” a rarity. The film is in original Turkish language, so far no known English dubbed version exists.

MOVIE: Ac Kartallar aka Starving Eagles
YEAR: 1984
GENRE: Action, Martial Arts, 74 minutes
STARRING: Nihat Yigit (Turkish Bruce Lee), Nilgun Sarayli, Mecit Yavuz




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