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WATCH ONLINE: Turkish Rocky aka Kara Simsek (1985)

“Slyxploitation” and “Stallonexploitation” subgenres apparently did not exist, however Turkish director Cetin Inanc not only made the infamous Turkish Bruce Lee aka Ac Kartallar movie, but he also made Turkish Rambo and Turkish Rocky!

Speaking of the last two – former Turkish bodybuilder Serdar Kebapcilar was the unofficial Sylvester Stallone clone.

Here, you can watch the original Turkish Rocky film, starring Serdar Kebapcilar.

Serdar in fact might as well have been dubbed the “Schwarzenegger-Stallone clone”, since he’s a bodybuilder like Arnold, and he’s doing rip-offs from Stallone’s movies. Anyway…

“Kara Simsek” aka Turkish Rocky is mostly a drama, with the most ridiculous and amusing boxing scenes you would ever see in a film. This Turkish boxing flick shamelessly borrows real Rocky’s soundtrack, and has elements that were directly taken from Stallone’s picture.

Gotta give credit to Cetin Inanc though – Serdar’s training montage (for his final fight) is better than Rocky’s. To my knowledge, no English version of the film exists, so this is an original VHSrip with Turkish language.

Written and directed by Cetin Inanc (who also made Turkish Rambo and Turkish Bruce Lee movies), the film was released in 1985, a year after the “Turkish Bruce Lee” was made.

MOVIE: Kara Simsek aka Turkish Rocky
YEAR: 1985
GENRE: Action, Sports, 77 minutes
STARRING: Serdar Kabapcilar (Turkish Sylvester Stallone), Huseyin Peyda, Angela Howell



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