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WATCH ONLINE: Who’d have thought? (short)

who'd have though short filmThere are things that work in short movies, but don’t work at all in feature films. Usually some ideas are too small to be put into a full feature film, however, they’re just right for a short film.

This is the case with “Who’d have thought”, by Hoplite Productions, based in UK.

The film starts off with 2 guys going down the empty road in a car. From what I understood, one of them is going to Manchester, buy his parents a present (no spoiler here!).

And, along the way, as it usually happens in thousands of other movies, they just don’t notice something on the road…

Now, I won’t be spoiling the film completely, so you would actually watch it after I am done writing. In my opinion, the film has a wrong title, a much better fit would have been “RoadKill”, or something like that.

And, aside from hardly getting the language (sorry folks, English accent sometimes is hard to understand for me), the jokes that friends make (both “friends” were played by director, and writer) may not reach out to all people, some might even find them gross.

However, the film is a fun watch. In fact, this could have easily been turned into a tv commercial or something. Who knows, maybe these UK fellows did have this in mind, when they were making “Who’d have thought” for less than 200 bucks.

Film directed by: Mark Minas
Produced by: Jordan Greenhough
Starring: Mark Minas & Jordan Greenhough


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